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Auto-renewal Policy

.cymru and .wales domain names are automatically set to renew once the initial registration period has expired unless the reseller makes a change to their renewal preferences using our Management Systems. Renewal preferences can be updated at the time a domain name is registered or at any point up to 24 hours prior to the expiration of a Domain Name (as recorded by the registry and displayed in the WHOIS).

Expired Domain Name Deletion Policy

Unless extenuating circumstances apply (see below), NRS will cancel domain names that are not renewed by the registrant (whether by renewal, auto-renewal or redemption) 45 days following the expiration date of the domain name, as recorded by the registry and displayed on the WHOIS.

NRS may elect to renew a domain name, regardless of the absence of any consent or instruction from the registrant, in the following extenuating circumstances:

  • Where we are aware that there is an ongoing UDRP complaint in relation to the domain name;
  • Where we are required to do so due to an order from a court of competent jurisdiction;
  • Where the renewal instruction has not been received due to a failure in NRS’s renewal process;
  • Where we are aware that the domain name is being used by a nameserver that provides DNS services to third parties;
  • Where the registrant is subject to bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Where there is a payment or billing dispute in relation to the domain name;
  • Where the domain name is the subject of a dispute in a court of competent jurisdiction; or
  • Such other circumstances as approved by ICANN.

In the event that a domain which is the subject of a UDRP dispute is deleted or expires during the course of the dispute, the complainant in the UDRP dispute will have the option to renew or restore the name under the same commercial terms as the registrant. If the complainant renews or restores the name, the name will be placed in Registrar HOLD and Registrar LOCK status, the WHOIS contact information for the registrant will be removed, and the WHOIS entry will indicate that the name is subject to dispute. If the complaint is terminated, or the UDRP dispute finds against the complainant, the name will be deleted after 45 days. The registrant retains the right under the existing redemption grace period provisions to recover the name at any time during the Redemption Grace Period, and retains the right to renew the name before it is deleted.

Life Cycle of a GTLD -

Expired Registration Recovery Policy

At the point 45 days past the expiry date, a non-renewed domain name will enter the ‘Redemption Grace Period’. This will be indicated on the WHOIS. Please note that domain name transfers are not permitted during this period, and the domain name will no longer be active.

The ‘Redemption Grace Period’ lasts for 30 days during which the domain name can be recovered by the registrant, regardless of any previous decision to let the registration expire.

The fee for recovering a domain name during the Redemption Grace Period is £30.00 + VAT. This is in addition to the renewal fee.

Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy

Nominet Registrar Services Ltd abides by ICANN’s Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy, which can be found at: