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Renewals / transfers

Automatic renewals

By default, domain Names registered with us are automatically set to renew on expiry. If you want to turn automatic renewal off for a domain name, you can update the renewal preferences for that domain name using EPP or our web interface. This can be done at any point following registration up until 24 hours before the expiration date of the domain name (as recorded by the registry).

Any domain name that has been set to auto-renew can nonetheless be cancelled in the 45 day period following the expiry date, if your customer decides that they no longer need it and no renewal fee will be taken from your balance where a domain name is cancelled in this way.

At your discretion, we can provide you with regular renewal/expiry notification emails, which provide lists of domain names you have registered that are: (i) due to be auto-renewed in the following 7 days; and (ii) due to expire without being automatically renewed in the following 7 days. Notifications can be turned on or off through our management systems, and the frequency with which they will be sent can be adjusted, from every day to up to every 90 days.

Pre- and post-expiration notifications

We will send two renewal notices to the registrant of a domain name, 28 days before the expiry date and 7 days before the expiry date. You can customise the text of the renewal notices through our management systems.

If a domain name is not auto-renewed, or is deleted within 45 days after the expiry date, a further renewal notice will be sent to the registrant which includes instructions for recovering the domain name.

Renewals on transfer

Domain names transferred to us - As a gaining registrar we accept requests for transfer via either EPP or the control panel, where you can transfer a .wales or .cymru domain into your reseller account. Once a transfer is initiated the administrative contact of the domain is emailed, the email can be customised by you (as the reseller). The renewal email also contains a link to a page through which the registrant can submit the domain authorisation code in order to finalise the transfer process. Once the ICANN mandated processes have been completed and transfer has been finalised, you will be able to manage the domain name through EPP and our control panel as with domain names registered directly with us.

Domain names transferred away from us - We allow resellers unrestricted access to the domain locking functionality, and domain authorisation codes for domain names can be freely retrieved by you via EPP or the control panel. Resellers must provide their customers with this code if they ask for it under our terms of service. Domain authorisation codes allow registrants who wish to move away from us to do so.

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